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Consultation is a medical institution that provides qualified medical assistance to children (children's consultation) and women ( female consultation ) on the principle of follow-up (see Clinical examination).

Children's consultation is combined with the children's clinic and hospital. Under the supervision of children's consultations are children from birth to 3 years inclusive, children's clinic - up to 14 years inclusive. Children are served by a district pediatrician.

District children's counseling provides community-acquired treatment and preventive care for children in the community. The whole area of ​​children's counseling is divided into territorial areas, each of which is assigned to one doctor. To help the doctor on the site work 1-2 patronage sisters.

Admission of children to the consultation is carried out according to the sliding schedule in the morning and evening hours. The room for receiving healthy children (isolated from the room for receiving sick children) consists of a filter, an waiting room, a doctor’s office, a handling room and a lavatory . In a pediatric consultation in the ward for sick children, consisting of a filter with a box, a box waiting and a restroom, take children with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, dyspepsia, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, stomatitis , ear diseases and other diseases. On the filter for healthy children, the nurse interrogates the mother about the condition of the child, asks whether there are any infectious diseases in the family or flat, examines the baby’s skin, mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, weighs the baby, measures its height , records all data in the child’s development history and transmits her to the doctor's office. The doctor examines the child, interrogates the mother about his state of health, the feeding regime, gives advice and assigns the date for the next visit to the consultation. The nurse participates in the examination of the child by the doctor and fulfills all his appointments.


In the ward for sick children, the doctor examines the child directly in the box, deciding on the nature of the child’s illness, the need for hospitalization or treatment at home.

Children's consultation organizes compulsory patronage supervision over the children of the area served by it. The medical (nursing) sister visits at home all pregnant women in the last month of pregnancy, newborns , children of the first year of life, premature babies , those suffering from rickets , hypotrophy, often ill and convalescents (see Patronage ).

All necessary prophylactic vaccinations against tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus , smallpox, poliomyelitis , etc. are carried out in the pediatric consultation for children on time. To provide children with breast milk, a collection point for donor breast milk is organized to provide children with breast milk. Infants in need of lure are provided with dairy nutrient mixtures through the dairy kitchen (see). In consultation, in addition to the pediatrician-therapist, doctors of other specialties: otorhinolaryngologist, oculist, surgeon, neuropathologist, dermatologist, etc., receive children.

All sick children, children with fever , acute illnesses and diseases suspicious of infection, with a general serious condition, who were in contact with infectious patients are served at home. When a child with an infectious disease or infection suspicious for infection is identified at home, the district doctor, with the help of her sister, spends the whole range of medical and anti-epidemic measures, if necessary, hospitalizes the child, sends an emergency notice to the epidemiologist and to the appropriate children's institution. The medical (nursing) sister performs all the medical appointments of the doctor at home.

In the children's consultation, sanitary and educational work is carried out: lectures, talks, exhibitions, and shop windows are organized. The children's consultation is in constant contact with the women's clinic, the maternity hospital , the nursery, the polyclinic, and other medical and preventive institutions in the district.