Go Stone fracturing (lithotripsy) of the bladder

Stone crushing

Stone breaking (synonym lithotripsy) is the operation of grinding bladder stones with the help of tools introduced into it.

Stone breaking can be done by lithotripter without eye control, cystolithotripter under eye control by grabbing and crushing the stone between the two branches of the instrument. Stone breaking with the help of the domestic apparatus Urat-1 is carried out after inserting the apparatus into the bladder through the surgical cystoscope and bringing it directly to the stone (under the control of vision). The stone is destroyed by a hydraulic shock.

Fragments of stones are washed out of the bladder by repeated washing or suction with special evacuators.

Indispensable conditions for stone breaking are the patency of the urethra for the instrument and an adequate bladder capacity (at least 150–200 ml).