Go Labyrinthopathy


Labyrinthopathy is a group of non-inflammatory inner ear diseases. Causes of labyrinthopathy: exposure to toxic substances, including drugs ( quinine , streptomycin , etc.), as well as toxins in infectious diseases. Pathological changes in these diseases occur in the cells of the organ of Corti and in the snail's nerve elements, partly in the labyrinth of fluid and in the vessels of the labyrinth.

Clinic of a labyrinthopathy: disturbance of acoustical (sometimes up to complete deafness) and vestibular (dizziness, nausea , nystagmus) functions. Perhaps isolated defeat of one snail or vestibule system (cochlear or vestibulopathy). Labyrinthopathy should be differentiated from inflammatory diseases of the inner ear. Labyrinthopathy treatment is to eliminate the cause that caused it.