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Lemoran (Laemoranum; List A ) is a narcotic analgesic. By the nature of the action is close to morphine (see). Unlike morphine, it has little effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Indications for use, side effects and contraindications coincide with those for morphine. Assign inside of 0.002–0.004 g and under the skin of 0.002–0.003 g. Higher doses inside and under the skin: a single dose of 0.005 g, daily - 0.015 g.

Method of production: tablets of 0.002 g and 1 ml ampoules of 0.2% solution. See also Analgesic means .

Lemoran (Laemoranum) is a synthetic analgesic of the morphine group, close to it in chemical structure and pharmacological properties. Surpasses morphine in strength analgesic action, but less inhibits intestinal peristalsis. Lemoran is equally effective when administered orally and parenterally. Indications for use, contraindications and restrictions on vacation are the same as for morphine. Assign subcutaneously at 0.002–0.003 g and inside at 0.002–0.004 g. Higher doses for adults: one-time — 0.005 g, daily –0.015 g. Release forms: 1 ml ampoules of 0.2% solution and tablets at 0.002 g. also Analgesics, Morphine.