The Lathirism


Lathirism is a disease that arises from poisoning with a special kind of lentils - Lathyrus (L. sativus, L. cicera, L. silvestris; in Russian - rank).

Pathologoanatomically in humans, the main changes were observed in the spinal cord (IN Filimonov), of which the most significant was the degeneration of the lateral pyramidal pathways. The sclerosis of Flechsig and Gaull's bundles is much less pronounced. Significant changes were also found in the cells of the cerebral cortex, especially in the cells of Betz (decrease in number, wrinkling, expansion of pericellular spaces).

In the experiment, rabbits and guinea pigs, who received the rank in the food, found severe changes in the cells of the cerebral cortex, in the anterior horns of the spinal cord, systemic damage to the lateral pyramidal and golleva bundles.

The clinical picture of the disease is very stereotyped. The phenomenon of paraplegia of the lower extremities comes to the fore.

In the initial stages, the paresis phenomenon is sometimes observed in the muscles of the trunk, upper extremities and even the neck, as well as violations of urination and defecation (painful exacerbations that patients must immediately follow, otherwise incontinence occurs) and circulatory disturbances in the lower limbs (sensation of cold , sometimes burning, cyanosis, lowering of skin temperature). The course is subacute, after a few months the painful phenomena reach a maximum, and then (if the rank is excluded from food) go to decline. Disturbances of the pelvic organs are, as a rule, transient. As the only symptom of the transferred poisoning remains a typical spastic paraplegia of the lower extremities - paralysis or paresis with increased muscle tone and tendon reflexes, with pathological reflexes, without special atrophies and the reaction of rebirth.

The diagnosis is not difficult if anamnestic data are known. The prognosis in cases when acute events have passed, favorable for life and unfavorable for the disappearance of residual symptoms.

Treatment is symptomatic; The usual methods of treating spastic paraplegia are ineffective. Prevention is reduced to the total elimination of Lentian Lentils from food.