Go Latsarus — Volk is an insulin sensitivity test for diabetes mellitus

Latsarus — Folk test

Latsarus — Folk is a sample for determining insulin sensitivity in diabetes mellitus. After determining the level of blood sugar in the morning before eating, 25 g of a 50% glucose solution are injected into a vein, and after 30 minutes - 0.1 U of insulin per 1 kg of the subject's weight. After 50, 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 180 minutes after glucose administration, glycemia is determined.

In healthy individuals and in insulin sensitive patients with diabetes mellitus, blood sugar levels return to normal 75 minutes after the administration of glucose. In the presence of insulin resistance, blood sugar levels return to baseline values ​​in 90-180 minutes.

It is also recommended to study the rate of reduction of glycemia in the first 30 minutes after insulin administration. In healthy individuals and with insulin-sensitive forms of diabetes mellitus, glycemia decreases in 1 minute by 2.4-5.7 mg%, and in insulin resistance by 1.3-1.9 mg% sugar.