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Leucogenum ( list B ) is a stimulant of leukopoiesis . Leucogen is used for leukopenia caused by X-ray and radiotherapy, for chemotherapy of tumors, for agranulocytic sore throat, alimentary-toxic aleukia, etc. Assign leucogen inside in powders or tablets of 0.02 g 3-4 times a day. Contraindicated in lymphogranulomatosis and malignant diseases of the blood . Method of production: powder and tablets of 0.02 g. See also leukopoiesis stimulants .

Leucogen (Leucogenum; list B) - leukopoiesis stimulator; 2- (α-phenyl-α-carbethoxy-methyl) - thiazolidine - 4 - carboxylic acid. It is used for moderate leukopenia and as a prophylactic agent: with lesions of hematopoiesis of moderate severity, leucogen is indicated only when renewed impaired regeneration of blood cells. Assign inside adults 0.02 g 3-4 times a day; the duration of treatment depends on the nature of the disease and the therapeutic effect. Leucogen is contraindicated in lymphogranulomatosis and malignant diseases of the bone marrow. Forms of release: powder and tablets on 0,02 g. See also Simulators of a leukopoiesis.

Leucogenum-2- (α-phenyl-α-carbethoxymethyl) -thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid.

Pharmachologic effect. It has a stimulating effect on leukopoez.

Indications. Leukopenia caused by the use of drugs that inhibit blood formation, other chemicals of similar action or x-rays. It is used for prophylactic purposes in the treatment of X-rays or radiation therapy.

Contraindications. Lymphogranulomatosis. Malignant diseases of the bone marrow.

Mode of application. 0.02 3-4 times a day to restore normal white blood cell count. Daily dose for children up to 6 months 0.01; from 6 months to 1 year 0.02; from year to 7 years 0.04; over 7 years 0.06.

Form release. Powder and tablets of 0.02.

Refers to list B.

It is stored in well corked jars in a dark place.