Go Lymphoradiography (radioisotope lymphography)


Lymphoradiography (synonymous with radioisotope lymphography) is a method for studying the lymphatic system with a radioactive isotope. For lymphoradiography, a colloidal solution of radioactive gold, Au 198 , is most often used. Often used the so-called method of indirect lymphoradiography. For this, 0.5–5 ml of a solution with an activity of 30–200 μCiR is introduced into the tissue with a well-developed network of lymphatic vessels in a place from which the lymphatic gland is subject to study. After 24—48 hours they scan (see).

Lymph node scans: 1 - normally functioning, 2 — in a state of hyperplasia; 3 - with partial metastatic lesion; 4 - completely replaced by metastasis.

See also Radioisotope diagnosis .