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Lynetol (Linaetholum) is an anti-cholesterol medication. Used for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis of various localization inside before or during meals, 20 ml once a day in the morning. The course of treatment 30-40 days, then after 2-4 weeks, the course can be repeated. Side effects - nausea , laxative effect - pass without special treatment. Patients with cholecystitis may increase pain in the gallbladder; in this case, the drug is canceled. External linetol used for burns and radiation injuries of the skin, lubricating the damaged surface 1 time per day. Forms of release: bottles from dark glass on 100 and 200 ml. Flasks can not be left open. See also Anti-cholesterolemic drugs.

Linetol (Linaetholum) - an anti-cholesterol-lowering agent; a mixture of ethyl esters of unsaturated (87–91%) and saturated (9–13%) fatty acids of linseed oil. Applied for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis. Assign lineetol in the morning on an empty stomach in 20 ml 1 time per day; treatment is carried out for a long time, courses for 1-1.5 months. Sometimes when taking linetol dyspeptic phenomena are observed, which usually do not prevent the continuation of treatment. Caution should be exercised in the appointment of linetol cholecystitis patients. Linetol, like linole, is also used externally in the treatment of radiation injuries of the skin, chemical and thermal burns. Lynetol is stored in a cool dark place in tightly closed flasks. Product form: bottles of 100 and 200 ml. See also Anti-cholesterolemic drugs.