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Lipomatosis - excessive deposition of fat in fatty tissue, often in the subcutaneous. In some cases, the fat is deposited evenly (see Obesity), in others there is a segmental obesity of the upper, middle or lower body. Clinical observations in most cases show the dependence of segmental lipomatosis on endocrine disorders.

In addition to general and segmental obesity, there are special local fat deposits - lipomas (see), Derkum disease, observed in menopausal women (see Obesity). With this disease, nodular, painful accumulations of adipose tissue with a diameter of 5 to 10 cm appear on the thighs, abdomen, and upper limbs. Histologically, the nodules are characterized by abundant development of the vascular network, in which they resemble angiolipomas. General changes consist of atrophy of the endocrine glands, osteoporosis and disorders of the neuropsychic sphere of patients.

Particularly distinguished Madelung syndrome, in which there are diffuse, multiple, painful growths of adipose tissue in the lymph nodes of the neck. With a strong Madelung syndrome, patients complain of a sharp neck thickening, pain, difficulty breathing and dysphagia. Some authors indicate a connection between Madelung syndrome and thyroid insufficiency, others with a primary lesion of the neck lymph nodes or with a tendency to neurodystrophic processes in adipose tissue. The only treatment for Madelung syndrome is surgical excision of adipose tissue growths. Recurrences after surgical excision are described.

The general treatment of any form of lipomatosis includes the use of appropriate hormonal and organotherapeutic drugs and should be pathogenetically substantiated.