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Liposuction of the abdomen

Most people tend to a certain extent to the deposition of adipose tissue. The most problematic place is usually the abdominal area, this explains the demand for the procedure of abdominal liposuction. This operation is considered to be one of the fastest and most effective methods of getting rid of excess fat in the abdominal area.

Benefits of the procedure
In the field of aesthetic surgery, this procedure takes the leading place due to the following reasons:
- the simplicity of this method of removing fat from the abdomen;
- the prevalence of the problem among both sexes;
- a noticeable and long-term result of the liposuction procedure;
- a minimum of scars, even in cases where the fat was removed from a fairly large area of ​​the body.

When is a procedure necessary?
Liposuction of the abdomen is necessary in the case when the local fat accumulations significantly worsen the contour of the figure and do not disappear even with a significant decrease in the patient's body weight. It should be noted that a pronounced aesthetic effect is noticeable only in the case of the presence of significant fat deposits. If the roundness of the abdomen is insignificant, it is usually caused not so much by an excess of fat as by stretching the muscles. Then the patient is prescribed an abdominoplasty, in which the muscular contour of the abdomen changes and in parallel the excess fat is removed.


Types of liposuction and features
Liposuction differs in the volume of surgical intervention, in accordance with this is divided into the following types:
- low volume liposation, which removes less than 2.5 liters of fat;
- intervention of a large volume, when 2.5-5 liters of fat are pumped out;
- extra-large volume (more than 5 liters).

Liposuction of small volume may be performed under local anesthesia, in other cases general anesthesia is necessary, while the patient will have to stay in the hospital for 1-3 days after the operation, and sometimes more. Regardless of the extent of the intervention, the patient will have to wear specially selected compression underwear for several weeks after the procedure and take medications prescribed by the surgeon. It will also be necessary to regularly visit the clinic for examination and dressing.

In the first days after liposuction, patients experience weakness, a slight fever, and painful sensations. During this period, it is recommended to take care of yourself and rest more. Possible swelling of soft tissue, a feeling of some numbness of the skin in the abdomen, the appearance of bruises. All the above symptoms disappear completely within a month after surgery.

Experts prefer to minimize the level of intervention in order to reduce the risk of complications, so a plastic surgeon at the internal consultation will discuss in detail with the patient how much fat can be removed. In this case, the surgeon is based on his own experience.

The cost of liposuction procedure depends directly on the volume of the operation, therefore it is discussed for each specific case.

The preliminary result of the procedure is assessed at least 2 months after liposuction, with the final aesthetic effect being expressed only after 6-8 months.


Liposuction has been and remains one of the most popular surgeries, despite the emergence of new methods for removing excess fat. For those who are interested in this method of correction, below are answers to the most common questions about liposuction.

Does liposuction help you lose weight?

No, this operation is not intended for weight loss. The purpose of liposuction is to remove excess fat from the designated problem areas, which does not always lead to weight loss. In fact, the weight sometimes returns after surgery, although in other areas of the body. Liposuction is not suitable for the removal of cellulite.

Who is a suitable candidate for liposuction?

The main quality of an ideal candidate for any cosmetic procedure is realistic expectations. An incredible transformation of the body should not be expected. The general health of the patient should be normal, weight indicators - also within the normal range. It is advisable for future patients to quit smoking and to take certain medications.

What factors affect the cost?

First of all, the prestige of the clinic and the professionalism of the doctor affect the level of the price of the operation. The more places on the body that require removal of fat accumulations, the higher the cost of the procedure. Often, patients want to work with all problem areas at once - in this case, the cost of liposuction will be exorbitant.

From what zones can I remove excess fat?

Among women, liposuction of the chest, thighs (inner and outer parts), forearm, buttocks, abdomen, neck and cheeks is most popular. Men are more willing to get rid of fat on the abdomen, chin, chest and back. As a result of the operation, “stubborn” fat deposits are removed that are not amenable to diets and regular physical exertion.

What are the main risks of the procedure?

Much of the risk associated with the use of painkillers inappropriate ways. However, a more common problem is too much of the removed subcutaneous fat at a time. Such an excess of the norm increases the likelihood of dangerous bleeding, serious infections, nerve damage, and ulceration.

What happens immediately after surgery?

The duration of the operation varies from 20 minutes to several hours. If a local anesthetic was used, the patient can go home the same day. After the procedure, a feeling of drowsiness and disorientation, weakness often appears.

How fast can you get back to work?

It depends on the number of sites where liposuction was performed, as well as on the volume of fat removed. Usually the rehabilitation period takes no more than 1-2 weeks. Most patients return to work 2–3 days after surgery if the work is “sedentary.” To make it easier to postpone the rehabilitation period, you need to scrupulously follow all the recommendations of the doctor.

Is it necessary to wear compression underwear after liposuction?

Compression knitwear is an effective tool to stimulate recovery processes. Compression underwear reduces swelling, reduces the risk of blood clots, significantly reduces pain after surgery. Specially selected compression underwear should be worn for a period determined by the doctor (at least several weeks).

Severe pain - an indispensable consequence of liposuction?

It depends on the type of liposuction (classical, ultrasound, laser, etc.), on which zones were involved in the operation and on the individual characteristics of the person. After the procedure, as a rule, moderate pain remains for several days.

Will there be noticeable scars after surgery?

In the case of an invasive liposuction method, a small incision is made into which a special medical tube is inserted. An experienced certified surgeon will do everything to prevent the development of large amounts of scar tissue. The scars remaining after the procedure are invisible and may disappear with time.

For more information on liposuction, it is advisable to consult a cosmetic surgeon with sufficient experience and qualifications.