Go Liquatolum (Liquatolum)


Liquatolum ( List B ) is an antifungal and antimicrobial agent containing 1.5 parts of trinitrotoluene, 25 parts of acetone, 2 parts of glycerin and 75 parts of ethyl alcohol . Liquatol is used for yeast lesions of the skin, seborrheic dermatoses , neurodermatitis, eczematoid and microbial eczema , streptostaphilodermia, etc., for rubbing, lotions , applications. A single dose is no more than 15–20 g, a daily dose is 30–50 g. When using Liquatol, a burning sensation may be felt, sometimes an exacerbation of the process may be felt, and in overdose, headache, palpitations , and lip cyanosis . Form release: dark glass bottles of 50 ml. Keep in the place protected from light and fire.

See also Antifungal agents .