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Disability certificate

A disability certificate ( sick-list , bulletin) is a document certifying temporary disability of workers, employees and collective farmers. A disability certificate is issued upon the onset of disability due to a disease, accident; with partial disability when patients with tuberculosis or prof. the disease is transferred to another job (the so-called supplementary list of incapacity for work); during pregnancy and childbirth; in quarantine, if workers are suspended from work due to a contagious disease among those around them, with whom contact has been noted; patient care; when referring to sanatorium-resort treatment; abortion

The disability certificate is issued by the doctors of the medical and preventive and sanitary-anti-epidemic institutions of the USSR health authorities and the Medical Sanitary Administration of the Ministry of Railways of the USSR. The doctors of institutions of other departments the right to issue a certificate of incapacity for work may be granted by the Ministry of Health of the USSR or the Union Republic in agreement with the AUCCTU. In self-supporting medical institutions a certificate of incapacity for work is not issued.

In places where there are no doctors, the right to issue a certificate of incapacity for work may be granted to paramedics or nurses. A paramedic and obstetric station is entitled to issue a certificate of incapacity for a period of up to 3 days, with subsequent medical supervision.


A disability certificate is for workers, employees and collective farmers a document certifying their temporary disability. The disability certificate has a legal meaning, since it gives the sick person a reason for not being absent from work, as well as a monetary value: according to it, the social insurance authorities pay the sick benefit. In addition, the disability sheet is of statistical importance, being a document for recording incidence with temporary disability (see Incidence). When you make a disability certificate, you must follow certain rules. In the disability sheet, instead of diagnoses, it is impossible to write symptoms, you cannot also write diagnoses in Latin (they should be written either in Russian or in the language of the corresponding Union Republic). The final diagnosis should be clearly formulated, as it serves as the basis for studying the incidence with temporary disability. In the certificate of incapacity for work, the mode prescribed for the patient should be clearly indicated, the performance of which can be checked by the insurance delegate.

The disability certificate is issued only on the day the disability is established; the issuance of a sheet of disability backdating or offsetting the past days is prohibited. Each time a patient visits a medical institution, the date of the next visit is marked on the disability sheet.

Failure to issue or improperly fill out a certificate of incapacity for work entails disciplinary or criminal liability. See also Disability, Social Insurance , Examination .