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Lutenurin (Lutenurinum; list B ) is a contraceptive and antitrichomonas medication. With trichomoniasis, lutenurin is prescribed topically in the form of a 0.5% emulsion or 0.1–0.5% aqueous solutions (prepared ex tempore), as well as in globules containing 3 mg of the drug. As a contraceptive, lutenurin is used in globules or foaming tablets containing 0.003 g of the drug each. The action of lutenurin can sometimes be accompanied by irritant effects (hyperemia, edema, etc.). Forms of release: powder, 0,5% emulsion, globules and foaming tablets. Keep in a dry, cool, dark place. See also Contraceptives , Anti-Trihomonas means .

Lutenurin (Lutenurinum; list B) is a contraceptive and antitrichomonas remedy of plant origin. It also has a bacteriostatic action against gram-positive microbes and a fungistatic effect on pathogenic fungi of the Candida type. Lyutenurin apply per vaginam for 5-10 minutes. before sexual intercourse in globules or blowing tablets. When urogenital trichomoniasis, lutenurin is prescribed locally by courses of 10-12 days, for three consecutive menstrual cycles in the form of 0.1-0.5% aqueous solutions prepared ex tempore, 0.5% emulsion and globules. If the vagina is irritated, lutenurin treatment is temporarily stopped. Lyutenurin keep in a cool, dark place. Method of production: powder, 0.5% emulsion, globules and foaming tablets containing 3 mg of the drug. See also Contraceptives.