The Lysolum (Lysolum)


Lysolum (Lysolum) is an antiseptic, a solution of cresol in potassium soap (cresols not less than 41.5%). Applied in the form of 3-10% of hot (40-50 °) aqueous solutions for disinfection of secretions, objects and things infected with pathogens of drop and intestinal infections. Lysol medicinale (Lysolum medicinale) - in the form of 0.5-2% aqueous solutions used to disinfect the skin, wash the purulent cavities and syringing (in gynecological practice). See also antiseptics .

Lysol (Lysolum, a synonym for Liquor Cresoli saponatus) is an antiseptic; cresol solution in potassium soap. Apply in the form of hot (t ° 40-50 °) water solutions for disinfection of premises, disinfection of discharge (5-10% solution), for disinfection of laundry (5% solution, 2 hours exposure), tools (2-5% solution). For disinfection of hands and for syringings in gynecological practice, 0.5-1% solution of lysol is used. Store in a dark place. See also antiseptics.