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Silver (Argentum, Ag) is a chemical element of Group I of the periodic table of elements of DI Mendeleev . Sequence number 47, atomic weight (mass) of 107.868. Valence in compounds + 1. Density 10.5, t ° melting 960.8 °.

Preparations of silver . Silver preparations have astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. In pure form and in concentrated solutions the tissues are cauterized. Silver ions have strong antibacterial properties that begin to manifest themselves at very low concentrations (oligodynamic action).

The following silver preparations are used in medical practice.

Silver nitrate (Argenti nitras, Argentum nitricum; synonym lapis; List A ). Applied in the form of pencils for cauterization of warts, granulations, etc .; in diluted solutions (0.1–0.25%) - as an astringent and antimicrobial agent for lotions , in the form of eye drops, as well as for douching.

Protargol (Protargolum) - a colloidal preparation of silver. Contains 7.8–8.3% silver. Apply 1-3% solutions of protargol for washing the urethra and bladder for cystitis and urethritis , in the form of drops for the nose for chronic rhinitis in children, in the form of eye drops for conjunctivitis, blepharitis.


Collargol (colloidal silver; Collargolum; list B ) is a colloidal preparation containing 70% silver. Used in the form of a 0.2-1% solution for washing purulent wounds, a 1-2% solution for washing the bladder for chronic cystitis and urethritis, as well as eye drops for purulent conjunctivitis and more quickly.

Bactericidal paper is a paper impregnated with nitrate and silver chloride. For small wounds, abrasions, second-degree burns (after removing the bladder), bactericidal paper slightly moistened with water is applied to the affected area, covered with a thin layer of cotton and fixed with a bandage.

Silver poisoning with drugs can occur when ingestion of concentrated solutions; proceeds as a hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. As an antidote used 2-3% solution of sodium chloride for washing the stomach.

Silver preparations are stored in a dark place.

Silver is radioactive . The isotopes Ag 110 and Ag 111 with half-lives of 253 and 7.6 days, with beta and gamma radiation, are of practical importance. Ag 110 is used in biological research. With its help, the distribution of silver in organs and tissues, the role of silver as a trace element, its influence on the action of enzymes , etc., have been studied. In medicine, Ag 111 is mainly used. Absorbable materials are prepared with this isotope - threads for flashing a tumor in order to irradiate it, gauze, sponges, pastes for introduction into the tumor bed after its removal. Ag 111 colloidal solutions are administered intravenously or intratubularly to irradiate organs rich in reticuloendothelial cells, as well as to determine hidden inflammation sites in which colloidal silver particles accumulated by phagocytes accumulate. See also Radioactive drugs .