The Temperature sheet

Temperature sheet

A temperature sheet is a medical document intended for graphical recording of daily fluctuations in body temperature of patients.

On the vertical scale, temperature curves indicate body temperature values ​​from 35 to 41 °; on the horizontal - the date and time of measurement. By placing the daily thermometer readings with the dots against the corresponding notation and connecting them, a broken line called the temperature curve is obtained (see). Filling of temperature curves is made by average medical workers daily after measuring patients temperature in the morning and evening hours.

In addition to body temperature, the results of some other observations of the course of the disease are recorded in the temperature curves: the frequency of respiration and pulse, the amount of blood pressure, the amount of liquids and fluids, etc., as well as information on the measures taken to care for and treat patients (hygienic bath , linen change, special procedures).

temperature sheet
Temperature sheet

On the standard form of the temperature sheet (Fig.), The pulse, respiration and blood pressure indicators are marked against the corresponding notations on the left vertical scale, the remaining indicators are at the bottom of the temperature sheet below the temperature curve.

In some specialized medical institutions, forms of a temperature sheet are used, other than those taken in general somatic hospitals; in such temperature sheets it is possible to reflect more indicators.

The temperature sheet is stored in the medical history .