The Terrenkur


Terrenkur is a method of training therapy, consisting in metered walks with ascents along marked routes. Walking on an even place in an alternation with ascents strengthens and develops the function of the cardiovascular system , strengthens the myocardium, increases neuromuscular tone , improves metabolism.

There are general-health and intrasanatorial pathways. Terrenkur dosage:
1) the distance of the route (easy 500, medium 1500, more difficult 3000 m);
2) ascents with different elevation angle (from 2-3 ° to 15-20 °);
3) the pace of walking (slow 60-80 steps per minute, average 80-100 steps per minute). Terrenkur begin with walking horizontally, gradually moving to the ascent, walking should be calm, rhythmic. Every 150-200 meters there are benches for rest, during which breathing exercises are recommended. To spend a summer school in the summer should be mostly in the morning and in the evening before, avoiding the hot time of the day, in winter - in the warmest hours of the day. Terrenkur must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor and an experienced methodologist. Walk should cause a state of cheerfulness. The appearance of fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations , pain in the heart , dizziness indicates a misuse of the terrenkur.

Terrenkur is used for a number of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in the initial stages and in the recovery period, some metabolic diseases, with residual effects after trauma of the lower limbs. See also Physical therapy .