Go Thalassotherapy


The sea, the sun, the fresh air are words that many associate with holidays. Rest by the sea is a great way to not only relax and forget about everyday activities, but also to improve your health, cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system. Such treatment by the sea in medicine is called thalassotherapy.

Principles of the method

In thalassotherapy, to achieve a therapeutic effect, gifts of the oceans and seas are used, containing the maximum amount of mineral substances and chemical elements necessary for the human body (calcium, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, potassium). They are assimilated perfectly, because the blood plasma in its composition resembles sea water. Used in the treatment of algae, water, sea mud helps to restore the balance of minerals in the body, and inhaled for a long time, clean air containing negatively charged ions, enhances therapeutic effect.


Thalassotherapy is a natural way to strengthen the body, which anyone can use. Swimming in seawater and using mud will bring the greatest benefit to people with various articular and rheumatic diseases. Procedures are indicated for pain in the back and joints, for rheumatism, arthritis or arthrosis.


Inhalation of sea air improves the functioning of the lungs and bronchi, strengthens these organs. That is why many doctors recommend people with bronchial asthma and other chronic problems of the respiratory system to spend most of the summer by the sea.

Marine procedures are indispensable for cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the nervous system. Patients after several days of staying at the seashore note a significant improvement in their state of health. A maritime climate is shown as a means of combating stress, preventing the development of problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Thanks to iodine contained in algae and water, normalization of the thyroid gland is taking place, the optimum level of the required element is restored.

Thalassotherapy is indicated for those who are obese, seeking to get rid of extra pounds and cellulite. Therapy is applied by the sea to get rid of many cosmetic problems. Regular washing with sea water eliminates acne, eliminates peeling and excessive dryness of the skin, tightens the skin and makes them more elastic and resilient, prevents rapid aging.

Healing procedures

Thalassotherapy includes a fairly large number of procedures. Spa baths with heated to 33-37 ° sea water provide relaxation of the whole body, and small bubbles perfectly massage the skin, providing a mild effect.

From many cosmetic problems (including cellulite) will relieve proper nutrition in conjunction with the ongoing procedures wraps. When wrapping using different types of algae, special bioconcentrates. The created greenhouse effect improves blood circulation in problem areas, the elimination of harmful substances, improves skin tone.

Particularly popular are mud masks and baths. They are shown mainly in diseases of the nervous system, joints and the entire musculoskeletal system. Thanks to sea mud masks, the skin tone increases and its elasticity increases.

Many resorts offer a healing massage (anti-cellulite, hydromassage or underwater), inhalations that allow you to breathe in the air saturated with beneficial ions, various types of showers (drip, jet, Charcot), and a Jacuzzi.



Despite the enormous benefits of thalassotherapy, it can also be harmful in some diseases. The main contraindications include:
- inflammatory and infectious diseases in the acute phase;
- oncological diseases;
- severe heart problems, accompanied by shortness of breath;
- allergic reaction to iodine;
- some skin problems.

Health centers

Many health centers, located far from the sea, offer a set of procedures for thalassotherapy. Used in such centers imported sea water, algae and dirt, but the lack of a special microclimate does not provide the desired effect. Therefore, people who want to really get better, certainly need to go to the sea.

Specialized resorts, providing the opportunity to go thalassotherapy, are located on the coast of the sea, their distance from the coast does not exceed 1 km. Highly qualified physiotherapists, balneologists, and nutritionists work in health centers. For procedures, only sea water and sea products are used, which have a positive effect on the body.

Thalassotherapy at home

It is not always possible to visit a seaside resort, and therefore you can spend thalassotherapy at home. Of course, the effect is much less, but the body procedures have only a positive effect. A course of 15 baths with sea salt, taken every other day, strengthens the body, tones the skin and improves well-being. Mud masks and applications allow you to get rid of pain in the joints, improve the condition of the skin and eliminate fine wrinkles.

Do you dream about natural recovery of the body? Be sure to go to the sea. Inhalation of fresh cool air, walks on the sea sand, swimming in sea water will strengthen the immune system, improve metabolic processes in the body, ensure well-being and good mood.