The Theobromine


Theobromine (Theobrominum, list B ) is an alkaloid contained in cocoa seeds; antispasmodic. Theobromine exerts a stimulating effect on cardiac activity, dilates coronary vessels and bronchi, increases urine output, slightly excites the central nervous system. Applied with spasms of blood vessels of the heart and brain, sometimes with edema of the heart and kidney origin of 0.25-0.5 g (after eating) 1-2 times a day. Higher doses inside; single 1 g, daily 3 g.

Forms of release; powder and tablets of 0.25 g. Theobromine is a part of the combined tablets - Theverin and theodine. In coronary insufficiency and hypertension , the sodium salt of theobromine with sodium salicylate - temsal or diuretin (Themisalum s. Diuretinum) is used as a vasodilator .

Theobromine is prescribed inside in potions and powders of 0.3-0.75 g. Form release: powder. Keep in well-clogged jars in a dry place. See also antispasmodics .