Go Thymol (Thymolum)


Timol (Thymolum; List B ) is an antiseptic and anthelmintic drug. Applied for the treatment of ankilostomidosis, trichuriasis , as well as with diarrhea, flatulence. Assign inside of 0.75-1 g 1-4 times a day according to special schemes, depending on the disease. The course of treatment lasts 3-6 days. Higher doses for adults: single 1 g daily 4 g. Timol is contraindicated in cardiac decompensation, liver and kidney diseases, gastrointestinal ulcer , and in pregnancy. The drug is incompatible in powders with camphor, menthol, salol . Thymol is also used as a preservative for some pharmaceutical preparations. Form release: powder. Store in tightly sealed jars in a dark place. See also Antihelminthicides .