Go Tietze syndrome treatment

Tietze syndrome

Titz syndrome is a painful tumor-like growths of the cartilaginous part of the sternal ends of one to three ribs. The most frequently affected II, III, IV ribs. It occurs in men and women, mostly at a young age. Pain in the area of ​​the affected ribs is constant, aggravated by physical exertion, coughing, and deep breath.

In differential diagnosis, it is necessary to exclude a tumor of the ribs, a specific perichondritis , a painful callus after a fracture of the ribs.

Symptomatic treatment: analgesics, subchondral administration of a 5% solution of novocaine, physiotherapy . With the failure of conservative therapy - an operation consisting in the subperiosteal excision of the thickened part of the rib.

Tietze syndrome can last for years, but the prognosis is favorable.