Go Tympanoplasty


Tympanoplasty is an operation to improve hearing and eliminate the inflammatory process in the middle ear with hearing loss caused by damage to the sound-conducting system of the middle ear (see). Produce tympanoplasty for chronic suppurative inflammation of the middle ear, adhesive otitis media , tympanosclerosis .

During the operation, in addition to the removal of pathologically changed tissues from the middle ear (cariously altered bone areas, granulations, polyps , cholesteatoma ), a new air cavity is created using the remains of the tympanic membrane, various transplants (often connective tissue) for this purpose. So-called prostheses (appropriately processed pieces of bone, cartilage, plastics , stainless steel wire or tantalum) are used as replacements for damaged ear bones.

After surgery, antibiotics are prescribed. Make toilet ear, blowing a variety of powders (antibiotics, boric acid, sulfonamides), ear blowing (see). These manipulations (especially blowing) must be made after discharge of the patient. A patient undergoing tympanoplasty is not recommended to fly on airplanes, work associated with changes in the pressure of the surrounding air (caissons, divers, etc.).