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Tonsilocardial syndrome

Tonsilocardial syndrome is a change in the cardiovascular system that occurs in patients with chronic tonsillitis. Tonsilocardial syndrome is caused by the occurrence of pathological reflexes and allergic reactions of the heart muscle to bacterial toxins and tonsil tissue destruction products.

The clinical manifestations of tonsil syndrome are dependent on the extent of the tonsils. With simple tonsillitis (see), patients may have complaints of stabbing pain and discomfort in the region of the heart, not associated with physical exertion, less often interruptions and palpitations . In an objective study, changes in the heart are absent or unsharply expressed as muted heart sounds , functional systolic noise (see), pulse lability, occasionally extrasystoles (see Heart arrhythmias ).

With severe (toxic-allergic), which occurs with frequent exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis, symptoms of damage to the cardiovascular system are much more pronounced. Patients may experience pain in the heart area, which is aggravated by physical exertion, shortness of breath, palpitations. When auscultation of the heart is often found muffled tones, systolic murmur, tachycardia . Often there are changes on the ECG , indicating damage to the heart muscle. When tonsillocardiac syndrome may experience weakness, malaise, low-grade fever, pain in the joints; at a blood test the moderate leukocytosis is sometimes noted. Tonsilocardial syndrome must be differentiated from infectious or rheumatic myocarditis (see). Unlike heart disease in tonsillitis syndrome, rheumatic myocarditis almost never proceeds in isolation and, as a rule, is combined with endocarditis (see).

The prognosis of tonsillitis syndrome is favorable with timely treatment of tonsillitis.

Treatment of tonsillitis syndrome is a conservative treatment of tonsillitis (see) or tonsillectomy (see) and the appointment of sedatives (see). After this phenomenon, tonsil-cardiac syndromes gradually disappear, although in some cases they may persist for another 1-3 years. Patients with tonsil-cardiac syndrome should be monitored until complete recovery.