Go Transamin (Transaminum; Parnate)


Transaminum (Transaminum; synonym Parnate; list B ) is an antidepressant, an inhibitor of monamine oxidase. Used for the treatment of various types of depression: the depressive phase of manic-depressive psychosis, depressive states in menopausal and involutional psychosis, reactive depression, depressive-paranoid form of schizophrenia . Assign inside, doses are strictly individual. The daily dose should not exceed 0.06 g. The duration of treatment is 1-4 months. The treatment is carried out under close medical supervision. It is impossible to prescribe transamin together with other monamine oxidase inhibitors and imizine. It is necessary to exclude cheese, beans from the diet of the patient, to prohibit alcoholic beverages . Form release: tablets of 0.005 g.

See also Stimulants of nervous activity .