The Trichosporia (piedra, knotty trichosporia) treatment


Trichosporia (synonym: piedra, knotty trichosporia) is a fungal disease of the hair, the skin is not affected. Refers to the group of keratomycosis.

Trichosporia in the USSR is rare (in the republics of Central Asia). Infection occurs when using a comb or a headdress of a patient.

On the hair of the head, on the beard and mustache, fungi form hard (like a stone) small nodules, which are visible only under the magnifying glass and are determined by touch, their color from yellowish to black. In the absence of therapy, the disease continues indefinitely.

Treating trichosporia: shave off your hair and wash your skin with hot soapy water or wash your hair daily with a hot solution of mercury (mercuric chloride) dichloride 1: 1000 and 1: 2000.

See also Fungal skin diseases.