Go Trimecain (Trimecainum; mezocaine)


Trimecainum (Trimecainum; synonym mezocaine; list B ) is an anesthetic. It causes stronger and more prolonged infiltration and conduction anesthesia than novocaine (see). For infiltration anesthesia, 0.25 to 1% solutions are used; 0.25% solution injected to 800 ml; 0.5% solution - up to 400 ml; 1% solution - up to 100 ml. For conduction anesthesia, a 1% solution (up to 100 ml) or a 2% solution (up to 20 ml) is used. To enhance and lengthen the anesthetic effect to the solutions of trimekain add a solution of adrenaline. Trimecain is contraindicated in diseases of the liver and kidneys. Form release: powder.

See also Anesthetics.