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Triprotamine zinc insulin

Triprotamin-zinc-insulinum (Triprotaminum-zinc-insulinum) is a suspension obtained by adding to solution of ordinary insulin solutions of tripro- tamine (sturin), extracted from mature spermatozoa, sturgeon milk. 1 ml of the drug contains 40 IU of insulin; 0.0008 triprotamine; 0.00008 of zinc chloride; 0.04 glucose. Preserved tricresol. Colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a suspension of loose colloidal substance. pH 6.9-7.1.

The drug has an elongated and delayed action compared to conventional insulin. Reduction of blood sugar after injection of tripropamine zinc-insulin lasts up to 18-24 hours, which allows replacing 2-3 injections of regular insulin with a single injection of tripropamine-zinc-insulin.

Indications. Diabetes.

Contraindications. Hyperglycaemic coma. Acidosis.

Mode of application. The drug is administered subcutaneously. Doses are individualized from 20 to 60 U, depending on the severity of the disease.

Form release. Bottles of 5 ml (200 U).

Stored in a cool dark place. The drug with a large sediment that adheres to the walls of the vial is not suitable for use.

Shelf life 1 year.