The Troel - June Syndrome

Troel - June Syndrome

Troel - June syndrome - a combination of acromegaly thyrotoxicosis and hyperostosis of the skull, which often joins diabetes. Women are more often ill.

In the emergence of hyperostosis of the skull, an increase in the production of growth hormone and thyroid hormones plays a role. With acromegaly, the interstitial and endochronic growth of the bones resumes. Owing to the enhanced bone restructuring, the osteons of the compact layer are partially resorbed. The remnants of them, not used to construct new osteons, are located in the form of many so-called "clastic structures". With acromegaly and frontal hyperostosis, hyperostosis of the frontal bone, and more rarely diffuse hyperostosis of the cranial vault, are more often observed.

Treatment is symptomatic.