Go Trohanteritis treatment symptoms


Trohanteritis is an inflammation of the bone substance of the greater trochanter of the thigh (usually of tuberculous origin). Nonspecific trochanteritis is rare.

Symptoms: pain in the area of ​​the greater trochanter, aggravated by the hip abduction, swelling and swelling of the outer surface of the upper third of the thigh. Tuberculous trochanteritis may be accompanied by the formation of an abscess - natechnik (see). Radiographically, for tuberculous trochanteritis, the site of destruction in the large skewer is determined, for non-specific trochanteritis, sequesters (see Sequestration, sequestration ) and a pronounced reaction from the periosteum. The differential diagnosis is carried out with coxitis (see), tumors, bursitis (see) in the area of ​​the greater trochanter.

Treatment of tuberculous trochanteritis is carried out according to the general principles of treatment of bone and joint tuberculosis (see); natechnik - puncture, removal of pus. A good result is obtained by excision of the great skewer together with the tuberculous focus. In case of non-specific trochanteritis, antibiotics, fortifying treatment, limb immobilization.