Go Trommer test

Trommer test

Trommer test is a quality test for the detection of glucose in the urine. 10 drops of a 10% solution of NaOH are added to a test tube with urine (layer height 20–25 mm) and a 2.5% solution of CuSO 4 is added dropwise until the falling blue precipitate Cu (OH) 2 ceases to dissolve when shaken. Tilting the tube, heat the top until boiling. If glucose is present in the heated part of the Cu (OH) 2 solution, it is restored, forming nitrous oxide and copper oxide of yellow-orange color. With an excess of CuSO 4 a black precipitate of copper oxide precipitates, interfering with the opening of glucose.

Trommer's test is not specific, it is given by aldehydes, for example formalin , and even the uric acid of normal urine when boiled.

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