The Infringement


Injury is the compression of an organ or other anatomical formation (vessel, nerve, neuromuscular bundle) that causes severe disorders of blood supply, innervation or impaired patency of the strangulated part. The infringement can be caused by foreign objects. The most infringing action is exerted by the body's own tissues: aponeurosis and muscles forming the margins of the hernial ring, with the injured hernia (see); sphincter of the anus - with infringement of the fallen rectum (see Rectal prolapse); skin of the foreskin - with paraphimosis (see), etc.

Any infringement can lead to necrosis of strangulated or (with paraphimosis) infringing tissues. The consequences of necrosis depend on the localization and type of the impaired organ. Infringement of the internal organ is always deadly. A common symptom of all cases of infringement is severe pain, the remaining symptoms are different depending on the localization of the infringement. When fresh (without signs of necrosis) infringement of hemorrhoids, a drop of the rectum, paraphimosis, an attempt should be made to correct the impaired parts. In all other cases of infringement, urgent referral to a surgical hospital is necessary.