Go Flavacridine (Flavacridinum; tripaflavin)


Flavacridine (Flavacridinum; synonym for trypaflavin; list B ) is an antiseptic. In medical practice, used in the form of flavacridine hydrochloride (Flavacridini hydrochloridum). Assign locally 0.1% solution prepared in isotonic sodium chloride solution for washing and lotions in the treatment of infected wounds, ulcers, abscesses, phlegmon, and also for rinsing with inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, pharynx. In sepsis , endocarditis , erysipelas, meningitis, a 0.5–2% solution is used — 5–10 ml once every 2–3 days intravenously. The course of treatment is 5-10 injections. The release form of flavacridine: powder for the preparation of solutions. Keep in a dark place. See also Antiseptic .