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Franklinization is a method of electrotherapy, in which the patient's body is exposed to a constant high-voltage electric field. When franklinization have a constant electric field, light air ions, ozone and nitrogen oxides, resulting from the "quiet" discharge.

general franklinization
Fig. 1. General franklinization - electrostatic shower (apparatus AF-2).

local franklinization
Fig. 2. Local franklinization.

Mechanism of action - see Electrotherapy . Franklinization is applied according to the following methods. With a general effect - the electrostatic soul - the patient sits on a wooden chair, putting his feet on a metal electrode connected to one of the poles of the apparatus. Rubber shoes are removed, and all metallic objects are removed from the hairstyle and pockets. Above the patient's head, at a distance of 12-15 cm, a second electrode with tips is suspended (Fig. 1), often connected to the negative pole. The maximum voltage of 40-60 kV; procedures are carried out daily with a duration of 10–15 minutes, up to 12–15 per course of treatment.

When a segmental-reflex or local impact is pre-discharged capacitors, then the electrode of the appropriate size with the tips set against the area to be exposed (Fig. 2), at a distance of 5-10 cm from him. The second electrode is placed on the opposite surface of the body; voltage of 10-20 square meters. Wounds and ulcers are exposed during dressings for 15 minutes, up to 10–15 procedures per course of treatment; impact on the area of ​​the mammary glands of 5-8 minutes, the course of treatment 8-10 procedures.

Indications: functional disorders of the nervous system (neurasthenia), hypertension , bronchial asthma, lack of milk (hypogalactia) in lactating women, sluggish healing wounds , trophic ulcers , neurodermatitis. For franklinization, AF-2 devices are used (it is possible to carry out the procedure simultaneously for two patients) and AF-3, which is supplied with a spherical electrode for group air ionization (see Aeroionotherapy).

Contraindications - see Electrotherapy.

The device for franklinization is installed so that at a distance of 1.5 m from it there are no grounded objects.