The Furacilin (Furacilinum)


Furacilin (Furacilinum, synonym: Nitrofuran, Vitrocin, List B ) is an antibacterial agent that acts on gram-positive and gram-negative microbes. Applied furatsilin for treatment and prevention of purulent inflammatory processes ( bedsores , ulcers, burns, conjunctivitis, osteomyelitis, etc.) externally in the form of 0.02% (1: 5000) of aqueous solution, alcohol solution (1: 1500) and 0.2 % of ointment, as well as for the treatment of bacterial dysentery. Assign furatsilin inside tablets of 0.1 g 4-5 times a day for 5-6 days. Higher doses inside: single-0.1 g, daily - 0.5 g.

When taking furatsilina possible dermatitis, dyspeptic disorders, allergic rashes. Form release: powder, tablets of 0.1 g; 0.2% ointment on vaseline in cans of 25 g. Store in well-sealed jars of dark glass in a cool dark place.

Furacilin (Furacilinin, synonym: Furacin, Furalon, Nitrofuran, Rivopon-S, list B, F IX) - Semicarbazone 5-nitrofurfural, formula C 6 H 6 O 4 N 4 ; antiseptic. Locally used for the treatment of purulent-inflammatory processes in the form of an aqueous solution (1: 5000), alcohol solution (1: 1500) and ointment (1: 500). For the treatment of acute bacterial dysentery (in cases not responding to sulfanilamide preparations and antibiotics), the drug is prescribed by mouth - 0.1 g 4 times a day and simultaneously in enemas - 200 ml of an aqueous solution of furacilin 1: 5000 daily for 5-6 days. The course of treatment is repeated after a four-day break. The highest single dose - 0.1 g, the highest daily dose - 0.5 g. Forms: powder and tablets of 0.1 g. Store in a dark place. See also antiseptics.