Go Transferase Class Enzymes

Transferase Class Enzymes

Catalyzed reaction Tissue localization Physiological role and diagnostic value


Carry out the reaction of the reversible transfer of amino groups of any amino acids to α-keto acids In many tissues and organs. Blood activity is very low. Characterize the intensity of metabolic processes, and in particular the synthesis of proteins. Serum activity increases dramatically in violation of the integrity of tissues, especially in infectious hepatitis and other liver diseases, as well as in myocardial infarction


Carry out the transfer reactions of phosphoric acid residues, such as creatine + ATP, phosphocreatine + ADP In the muscles - creatine kinase, in other tissues - other types of kinases (myokinase, etc.) The main significance lies in the realization of the possibility of forming a reserve of energy-rich (high-energy) bonds and their use in metabolic processes.