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Laser hair removal

The article talks about laser hair removal and its effectiveness, has a list of 8 advantages over other methods. Smoothly makes you want to undergo a course of procedures.

Absolutely any woman worried about the problem of excess vegetation on the body for many years in a row. For many centuries, people have invented completely new methods of hair removal, which we can still use - sugar and wax hair removal, a razor machine, hair removal, phyto-resin, etc. However, they become obsolete, because not every beauty will agree to endure the pain, due to which Memory all the most unpleasant life moments. In addition, absolutely every such method gives a woman great inconvenience, leading to redness, irritation, cuts, ingrown hairs and skin burns. Any such method of hair removal must be repeated periodically, otherwise you can forget about open clothes and going to the beach in a bathing suit. Is there no way out, and we will have to deal with this problem alone?

There is a way out - laser hair removal! It is worth trying only one procedure of laser hair removal, and you will never return to other methods of removing unwanted hair. In any part of the body, laser hair removal will not cause pain and will relieve from unwanted unwanted hair, including sensitive skin, such as the face, underarms and even the bikini area. After a course of laser hair removal procedures, and this is about 4-6 sessions with a break of 1-1.5 months, you can forget about the problem of unwanted hair.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is extremely high. A laser flash simultaneously heats the hair follicle without affecting the skin around, leading to the destruction of the bulb from the inside. The hair falls out already at the time of epilation and a little after the procedure, and no longer grows. After completing the course, you can repeat the support procedure for individual cases every few years.


The advantages of laser hair removal over other methods:

• highly effective and long-term result of hair removal;

• the laser can not leave marks and scars on the skin surface;

• no allergies even on sensitive skin;

• there is no need to use painkillers, the procedure is practically painless;

• does not injure the skin around the hair follicle;

• hair removal on inaccessible intimate places without subsequent black spots, redness and ingrown hair;

• the ability to enjoy perfect, flawless skin immediately after the first procedure of epilation;

• saving of time and money for the following years in case of another method of hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the safest, most popular and effective method of removing unwanted hair for absolutely any part of your body, a method that allows you to save money and time, and most importantly nerves, will give you a feeling of comfort and self-confidence worthy of every woman.

How to prepare for laser hair removal zone bikini?

Having told about laser hair removal and smoothly leading a woman to the desire to undergo a course of procedures, we will explain and give her 10 practical steps on how to prepare ourselves for the procedure.

For any time, there are various standards of beauty. Every modern and successful woman wants and deserves to be groomed from heels to ends of hair. One of the attributes of a well-groomed woman is a neat bikini area. Laser hair removal is the perfect solution in such a delicate matter.


Laser hair removal copes with its main task - the removal of unwanted hair and gives a velvety skin, confidence and good mood to the beautiful owner of this result. Also, laser hair removal is devoid of all the flaws that are present to other methods of hair removal, with which each woman is familiar firsthand: irritation and redness of the skin, black spots and ingrown hairs, and even in some cases, burns with wax and sugar hair removal.

Choosing a laser hair removal, a woman knows what she gets in return, but can get confused in the set of rules of preparation, and postpone or even abandon the idea, thereby condemning herself, and her man too, to the patience of all the shortcomings of other methods of hair removal. No! The time has come to please your beloved and your man with a beautiful, velvety, radiant skin!

Observing some simple secrets, as practical steps, you can successfully complete a course of laser hair removal and enjoy the perfect, smooth result.

1. Exclude other methods of hair removal, except for shaving with a machine, 2-3 weeks before the session.

2. You should not sunbathe or visit the solarium for 10-14 days.

3. 14 days prior to the procedure, you should not take fluoroquinolone drugs, as well as antibiotics of the tetracycline group.

4. Do not plan the first procedure before or during menstruation, as the pain sensitivity of the skin increases and this can give you some discomfort.

5. Do not use cosmetics, alcohol-based lotions and tonics on the epilated area 3 days before epilation.

6. For a couple of days or before the procedure, shave the hair on the future epilated bikini area so that the hairs are not more than 1 mm, because the laser flash energy will affect the hair shaft and not enough hair follicle.

7. To assess the extent of the soreness of the procedure on you, in the first procedure, choose a classic bikini, and then in the second session you can hold a deep bikini.

8. Be sure to ask immediately before the procedure, how to handle the nozzles in contact with the skin. It should be followed by a specialist in the use of disposable gloves during the procedure.

9. After consulting with a specialist, you can use an anesthetic drug for the skin an hour before a session, given that the pain can only slightly decrease. But laser hair removal does not bring significant pain compared to other types of hair removal, and some do not feel it at all.

10. Feel free to the specialist conducting the procedure. You will be treated kindly and politely, because the specialist is the same person as you.

Laser hair removal is not a new trend in fashion, but a simple, effective solution to the problem of unwanted hair on a beautiful female body. Millions of women conducted a course of laser hair removal procedures and every day enjoy silky skin, pleasing themselves and their men with well-groomed. Try it and you will not regret it!

Recommendations after laser hair removal

The following are practical recommendations in the form of a list of behavior immediately after laser hair removal, shows all the ease of care for those who are just planning to implement it.

Every woman wants to have a soft, silky and eye-catching skin. But the existing methods of hair removal cause a lot of discomfort, and often all sorts of consequences in the form of redness, black spots, growing hair and even burns. The most reliable, simple and effective method of removing unwanted hair is laser hair removal. Millions of women who have undergone a laser hair removal course are already enjoying their smooth results every day.

When deciding to undergo a course of laser hair removal procedures, it is necessary to take into account some limitations and recommendations on behavior immediately after laser hair removal, which will allow you to enjoy a high-quality result on your already delicate skin.

• Ask a specialist who performs laser hair removal when and how you can use the product at home to quickly restore skin after laser hair removal. Although he will apply once a special remedy to reduce pain and burning immediately after the procedure, this will not be enough. The simplest way to care after the procedure at home is “Panthenol”.

• During the first days after the first laser hair removal, do not wet the affected area of ​​hair removal, do not apply soap, alcohol-based tonics and other cosmetics on the skin, do not rub the skin with a towel or napkins. All these mechanical effects can provoke and enhance the feeling after the procedure. After the subsequent sessions, you yourself will be able to determine the necessary time for such restrictions, based on your own feelings.

• Do not sunbathe in direct sunlight or in a tanning bed after the procedure for 2 weeks.

• Be sure to use sunscreen 2 weeks after laser hair removal, if you are under the sun.

• It is recommended not to pull out the remaining hairs after laser hair removal, even if they are burnt. Such a mechanical effect can cause a compensatory increase in hair growth by stimulating the hair follicle.

As you can see, there are a lot of restrictions and recommendations, but considering the excellent result in the form of velvety, healthy skin, we can conclude that laser hair removal is undoubtedly worth all the money and time spent. It's time to enjoy excellent skin, each worthy of it!