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The concept of "wellness" was introduced in 1959 by Halbert L. Dunn, an American doctor. Translated from English Wellness means "well-being." This term refers to a whole philosophy that considers the well-being of a person as the result of a particular way of life. It was in America in the 60s that Wellness gained extraordinary popularity, first in professional circles, and then in all spheres of society. In Europe, the fashion for a healthy lifestyle with wellness centers came in the 1990s. At the beginning of the 21st century, similar centers began to appear in Russia.

Wellness teaches a person to live in such a way that diseases are avoided by his side, and his body and soul remain young as long as possible. To ensure that every day is filled with cheerfulness, achievements and positive emotions, Wellness suggests adhering to the following principles:
1. Active movement, regular exercise.
2. Continuous mental development, increased intelligence.
3. Ability to avoid stress and quickly restore the nervous system after them.
4. Proper nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals.
5. Personal care, maintaining youthful skin, beauty of hair and nails, striving for perfect appearance.


Modern wellness centers, created specifically to help those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, mainly focus on fitness and nutrition. It is these moments that primarily affect the emotional state of a person and his appearance. At the same time, the wellness center is significantly different from the usual fitness club. Such a center is a place where a person can not only play sports, but also undergo procedures that are beneficial to health and beauty. Visitors to wellness clubs can go swimming in the pool, train in the gym, take a jacuzzi, study foreign languages, drink tea in a specially equipped room, relax in the spa, consult a cosmetologist, develop their creative and intellectual abilities, undergo cosmetology hardware procedures , use the services of a massage therapist, etc. Each individual Wellness center has its own list of services offered.

It is easiest to join the lifestyle of wellness philosophy by becoming a member of the respective club. However, the cost of services of wellness centers makes them affordable by no means to every person. Besides, not everyone can find time to visit such a center either. Fortunately, to make wellness the basis of your lifestyle is quite within the reach of anyone who wishes. To do this, you just need to make self-care and the simplest sports activities a mandatory part of your daily life. It is also important to review your diet and diet. To provide your body with all the necessary substances, it is useful to take vitamin and mineral complexes.

Among the novelties of such complexes in the modern pharmacological market stands out the Oriflame product line - Wellness. Presented line the following dietary supplements:

1. Wellness Pack for women is a real find for those whose body needs support. The dietary supplement is produced in a package that contains 21 bags with 2 Omega-3 capsules and one capsule of a vitamin-mineral complex for women. One pack of Wellness Pack is enough for a course of 21 days. Acceptance of this complex significantly improves the general condition of the woman’s body, favorably affects the condition of hair, nails and skin. Velnes Pac for women from Oriflame has already earned the trust of the majority of adherents of this brand of cosmetics. Women who have tried dietary supplements, speak of it as a means, the beneficial effect of which is felt a week after the start of the reception.

2. Complex "Multivitamins and Minerals" for women. Wellness is available in the form of capsules containing vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining women's health.


3. Wellness Pack for men is a dietary supplement that contains a complex of Omega-3 acids and a beauty complex from bilberry extract and astaxanthin (an antioxidant extracted from freshwater algae). BAA has a beneficial effect on the immune system of men, has a rejuvenating and tonic effect. Especially recommended for use during the period of weight loss, to provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and acids.

4. Complex "Multivitamins and Minerals" for men. Wellness is a product that comes in the form of capsules packed in a plastic jar. Contains vitamins and minerals needed to maintain men's health.

5. Swedish beauty complex Plus consists of 60 capsules packed in a plastic jar. Contains bilberry extract and astaxanthin - the strongest antioxidant. Taking the drug has a positive effect on the muscular system, eye health, and the skin condition of men.

6. Complex Multivitamins and Minerals of the Wellness line is a universal product recommended for adults and children over 14 years old. Dietary supplement differs from pharmaceutical preparations in higher percentage of minerals. Available in pill form, placed in a plastic jar. The use of this complex helps to maintain health, strengthens the immune system, increases efficiency.

7. Complex "Omega-3" Wellness is a jar of capsules that contain fatty acids necessary for heart health, improving the condition of muscles and joints, skin beauty, and normal brain function. The kit is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases, skin problems, eye diseases, development of inflammatory processes in the joints. The daily intake of Omega-3 capsules, according to those who have tried them, significantly improves their well-being, as well as the condition of their skin and hair.

All dietary supplements from the Oriflame Wellness series are distinguished by a high degree of digestibility. Such complexes are simply necessary for residents and residents of large cities who are under constant stress and the adverse effects of a bad environment. Dietary supplements are indispensable helpers for everyone who lives on the principles of wellness.