The Gynecology


Gynecology is a field of medicine that studies the diseases of female genital organs , the causes of their occurrence, develops measures for their prevention and methods of treatment. Main sections: anatomy, physiology and pathology of female genital organs. Gynecology is closely related to obstetrics (see).

Gynecology in the literal translation of the word means "science about a woman", since the name is derived from a combination of two Greek words: gyne - woman and logos - science, teaching.

Due to historically formed concepts this area of ​​science was divided into two large departments. The first department is called the manual on obstetrics and is considered in the textbooks of obstetrics, while the second department includes all those processes that occur in women in the nonpregnant state. Thus, in the modern sense, under the name "gynecology" is meant such a medical discipline that deals with the study of diseases characteristic of the female body, diseases of the genital organs and those pathological processes associated with it.


In the thirties of this century, a special section emerged from general gynecology - oncogynecology. There was a new type of specialists - oncogynecologists. The subject of studying oncogynecologists are tumors and pre-tumoral processes of female genital organs, which play a significant role in the structure of the incidence of women. Currently, all oncological dispensaries have specialized oncogynecology departments, in which surgical and radiotherapy methods for tumors are being implemented.

Table of contents

Prominent Russian scientists in the field of gynecology
Chapter 1. Organization of gynecological care
Features and achievements of Soviet gynecology
Questions of deontology
Chapter 2 . Methodology of gynecological patients
Objective research
General condition of the patient
Conditions for the study of gynecological patients
Position of the patient
Hand Preparation for Research
Preparation of the patient for research
External research
Internal research
Gastrointestinal combined study
Examination with the help of tools
Additional research methods
Laboratory methods of research
Chapter 3 . Anomalies in the development of genital organs
Developmental flaws
Malformations of ovaries and tubes
Malformations of the uterus and vagina
Vaginal narrowing
Wrong development of the uterus and vagina
Malformation of external genital organs
Chapter 4 . Incorrect position of the uterus
Uterine inclinations
Bends of the uterus
Omission and prolapse of the uterus
Symptoms of abnormal uterine positions
Uterus reversal
Treatment of abnormal uterine positions
Prevention of abnormal uterine positions
Chapter 5 . Violations of the ovarian-menstrual cycle
Chapter 6 . Inflammatory diseases of female genital organs
General symptoms
Gonorrheal diseases
Gonococcus and its properties
Ways of infection
Diagnosis of gonorrhea
Gonorrhea of ​​the lower part of the reproductive system
Gonorrhea of ​​the upper part of the reproductive system
Ascending Gonorrhea
Gonorrheal endometritis
Gonorrheal inflammation of the uterus
Perimetritis, pelvic peritonitis and general peritonitis
Treatment of lower genital gonorrhea
Treatment of gonorrhea of ​​the upper genitalia
Prevention of gonorrhea in adults
Gonorrhea in early childhood
Septic diseases
Pathogens and the spread of infection
Infection with localized localization
Septic infection

Prevention of septic diseases
Tuberculosis of genital organs

Clinical course
Localization of the process


Syphilis (hard chancre) of female genital organs
Parasitic diseases of female genital organs

Chapter 7 . Infertility

Prevention of infertility of women
Chapter 8 . Tumor formations and true tumors of female genital organs
Precancerous diseases of female genital organs
Ovarian Tumors
Cystic Ovarian Tumors
Connective tissue tumor of the ovary
Teratoid ovarian neoplasms (teratomas)
Hormone-producing ovarian tumors
Symptomatology and course of ovarian tumors
Diagnosis of ovarian tumors

Treatment of ovarian tumors
Tumors of the uterus
Cervical cancer
Cancer of the body of the uterus
Sarcoma of the uterus
Cancer of the vagina
Cancer of the external genital organs
Acute condylomas
Cancer of the female urethra

Prevention of female genital cancer
Chapter 9 . Injuries to female genital organs
Chapter 10 . Emergency care in gynecology
Ectopic pregnancy
Torsion of the tumor
Emergency care for uterine bleeding
Chapter 11 . Hygiene of a woman
Hygiene of childhood
Hygiene of adolescent and adult women
The general hygiene regime
Hygiene of the menstrual period
Marriage hygiene
Contraceptive means
Hygiene of menopause
Organization and methods of work on personal hygiene among women in industrial enterprises
Chapter 12 . General therapy of gynecological patients
Conservative methods of treatment and care of patients
The mode of gynecological patients
Methods of care and general therapy
Application of ice, warming compresses and heaters

Treatment of erosion
Tamponade of the uterus

Tampon treatment
Curative enemas
Pharmacological methods of treatment

Treatment of tissue adherence by the method of VP Filatov
Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment

Bath treatment
Mud Treatment
Massage and physiotherapy exercises
Radiation methods of therapy
X-ray therapy
Radiation therapy
Surgical methods of treatment and care for operated patients
Preparation of the patient for surgery
Postoperative period
Abdominal abdominal incision
Vaginal cavity
Plastic surgery
Scraping of the uterus cavity
Posterior colpotomy