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Dolphin therapy

How does dolphin therapy affect the human body, what is its benefit.

The unusual animal dolphin, very intelligent, besides, is a good doctor. Dolphin therapy affects the entire human body. The ultrasonic waves that a dolphin emits have healing properties, as well as a positive mental charge. The dolphin disposes to communicate with him, and people willingly make contact, playing and communicating, while receiving a powerful positive charge. The basis of this healing is ultrasound, it has been successfully used in medicine for more than forty years.

What is the significance of this method? Natural ultrasound has a beneficial effect not only on individual organs, but also on the entire human body as a whole. Ultrasonic massage acts at the cellular level, so the necessary substances get into the cells faster. Thus, the processes of intercellular metabolism are improved, thanks to this circulation is resumed in stagnant places. Apart from this, live ultrasound has an anesthetic. A change in the power of ultrasound in a dolphin is a natural process, the frequency of which is 500 hertz, if a person is at a distance of no more than half a meter. Ultrasonic waves of the dolphin are directed to the spine of the patient, or to the head. In addition, the dolphin can perfectly affect the psyche of the patient. Since the dolphin animal is very kind and sociable, the patient feels carefree in the water, always counting on the support of the animal. This removes many mental blocks that prevent a person from living.

But it is worth remembering that dolphin therapy courses must be constant and have a certain cycle. The healing program of therapy should vary from session to session, otherwise it will be very and very difficult to achieve positive results. The focus of the dolphin therapy will depend on the characteristics of the disease of each patient. A special course should be developed by physicians, taking into account the specifics of diseases. A dolphin also passes a special training course. Therapeutic sessions must necessarily take place only under the supervision of a doctor.

Dolphin therapy is useful to cooperate with other types of treatment, for example, kinesitherapy. Before you go on dolphin therapy courses, you will certainly need to undergo a full and comprehensive examination of the doctors, who either give permission or prohibit the sessions.