Go Depersonalization


Depersonalization is a syndrome of mental disorder, in which there is a feeling of alteration of one’s thoughts, feelings, movements, one’s own body. As a rule, these phenomena occur on the background of clear consciousness and are extremely unpleasant for the patient. It seems to the patient that the voice has become a stranger, feelings, reactions to the environment are altered, “not his”, movements, although they are performed freely, are also alien. Sometimes the feeling of the former mental “I” is lost and the whole personality seems different to the patient than before. With depressive depersonalization, patients experience the complete loss of all feelings, affections, desires (anesthetic depression ). Often, depersonalization is combined with derealization (see). Depersonalization can underlie a special delusional syndrome, when it seems to a patient that his feelings, thoughts, desires, feelings specifically change, are taken away, are replaced by strangers (see Crazy syndromes , Hallucinatory syndromes ).

Depersonalization occurs most often in schizophrenia , circular depression, as well as in organic brain diseases.