Go Disinfector


A disinfector is an average health worker who performs disinfection , disinsection and disinfestation. Preparation of disinfectors is carried out at 5-month courses organized at disinfection facilities and sanitary epidemiological stations . The disinfector must be familiar with the method of preparation of disinfectants, know their dosage and method of application, the rules of handling chemicals and how they are stored. The disinfector should be able to perform degassing work, use small disassemblies, hydraulic controllers, sprayers. The positions of the disinfector are provided in the states of sanitary epidemiological stations, disinfection, medical and preventive and other medical institutions. Work disinfector refers to the category of work with increased hazard. Disinfectors were set at a 15% surcharge to the official salary for a 6-hour working day (Instruction of the Chief Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of the USSR Ministry of Health on December 17, 1947).