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A disinfector (instructor disinfector) is an average health worker who is responsible for supervising the work of disinfectors attached to him and for monitoring the quality and effectiveness of the disinfection works carried out by them.

The rank of a disinstructor can be obtained by persons who have practical experience in disinfection business for at least 6 months. and with education at least 8 grades of secondary school , graduated from special courses on disinfection or permanent courses of improvement and specialization of average health workers. Improvement of disinfectors is carried out at short-term seminars.

The work of a disinstructor is classified as hazardous work. They established a 15% surcharge to the official salary for a 6-hour working day (Instruction of the Main Sanitary-Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Health of the USSR of December 17, 1947). The disinvector must perform all types of work on disinfection, disinsection , disinfestation and decontamination, be proficient in the preparation of all disinfectants, be able to use disinfection equipment, as well as provide first aid in case of accidents and in the defeat of agents.