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Diacarb (Diacarbum; synonym: Fonurit, Diamox, etc.) is a diuretic. By suppressing the activity of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, diacarb increases the urinary excretion of Na and HCO 3 ions; however, the excretion of water is significantly increased. Diacarb reduces the alkaline blood reserve; acidosis may develop. After discontinuation of diacarb, the alkaline reserve returns to the initial reserve after 1-2 days. Diacarb is well combined with mercury diuretics. Apply diacarb orally 1 time a day for 0.25 g for 2-4 days with a break of 1-2 days for edema resulting from heart disease, nephrosis, liver cirrhosis , glaucoma, epilepsy . Contraindicated with a tendency to acidosis, increased release of sodium and potassium ions, acute inflammatory diseases of the liver and kidneys, Addison's disease. Form release - tablets of 0.25 g. See also Diuretics, Anticonvulsants .