The Diaphanoscopy of the eye


Diaphanoscopy is the transmission by an electric bulb of the paranasal sinuses , the eyeball. With diaphanoscopy of the paranasal sinus, light from a strong electric bulb inserted into the mouth or attached to the root of the nose at the inner corner of the orbit, passing through the bones of the skull and the paranasal sinus, gives a bright glow of the sinus in its normal state. In the pathological state of the sinus, its area appears darkened.

Diaphanoscopy of the eye

Eye diaphanoscopy is a method of research used to diagnose mainly intraocular tumors. The study is as follows. After preliminary anesthesia of the eye, a tip of the diaphanoscope is applied to the sclera by a 0.5% solution of dicain and gradually advanced along the sclera in all directions. Normally, the rays of light do not meet obstacles inside the eye and the pupil appears to the observer red. If on the way of light rays there is an intraocular tumor, then the corresponding part of the pupil or the entire pupil will be dark.