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Diastolic noise

Diastolic murmur is the sounds that are heard over the area of ​​the heart during ventricular diastole in a number of heart diseases.

The conditions for auscultation of diastolic noise are worse than systolic, because the speed of blood flow during diastole is less than with systole. There are three types of diastolic murmur: protodiastolic, heard at the beginning of diastole, mesodiastolic, starting somewhat later than the second tone, and presystolic, heard just before the first tone. Diastolic noise is heard in mitral stenosis in the apex of the heart, with aortic valve insufficiency - in the second intercostal space on the right and at the Botkin point, with non-incision of the arterial duct - in the second intercostal space on the left. See also Heart disease .