Go Dichlothiazide (Dichlothiazidum hypothiazide)


Dichlothiazide (Dichlothiazidum; A synonym for hypothiazide; List B ) is a diuretic. Applied with edema associated with cardiac and renal failure, liver cirrhosis , toxicosis of pregnancy , salt and water retention in the body in the treatment of ACTH and corticosteroid preparations.

Dichlothiazide enhances the therapeutic effect of antihypertensive drugs (see). Dichlothiazide is prescribed orally in a dose of 0.025–0.1 g (in 1-2 doses) after 1-2 days or daily for 3–7 days in a row, followed by a break for 3-4 days. In connection with the excretion of potassium ions in order to avoid hypokalemia, treatment with dichlothiazide must be combined with the appointment of potassium chloride. Form release: pills to 0.025 g. See also Diuretics.