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Dietary dining

Dietary dining is a catering establishment serving those in need of dietary nutrition. In the dietary canteen, patients are fed in the direction of the doctors of hospitals and clinics and without a referral, of their own accord.

The dietary sister and chef compose a weekly and daily menu according to the restaurant system or on the basis of orders made the day before by the visitors. The basis of therapeutic nutrition in all dietary canteens is the group nutrition system (see. Therapeutic nutrition).

A dietitian or dietary nurse monitors the course of therapeutic nutrition in attached patients, changes the tables of therapeutic nutrition according to indications or recommendations of the medical institution. Meals in the dietary canteen contribute to securing the results of inpatient treatment; is one of the main therapeutic methods in cases that do not require inpatient treatment; can be carried out with the preventive purpose, for example, suffering from peptic ulcer during periods of possible (seasonal) exacerbations. Workers diet cafeteria are promoting rational therapeutic nutrition.

The course of treatment in the dietary canteen varies from 1–2 or several months to a year or more with special indications (diabetes, nephritis , etc.) and can be repeated periodically with the exacerbation of the underlying disease.