Go Dipilidiosis treatment and prevention


Dipilidiosis is a helminthiasis caused by Dipylidium caninum (or cucumber tapeworm). Its length is 15-40 cm; at the front end there is a head with 4 suction cups and a proboscis with hooks; segments in the form of cucumber seed (Fig.). In the stage of puberty, it parasitizes in the small intestines of cats, dogs, and occasionally humans. Intermediate owners of the helminth are eaters and fleas, which in the larval phase swallow its eggs, excreted in feces of dogs and cats infected with dipyldiosis. Man: Infected by accidentally swallowing fleas. When dipyldiosis occurs intestinal disorders, nausea , drooling, abdominal pain, irritability, and sometimes hypochromic anemia. The diagnosis is made when it is found in the feces of joints and helminth eggs.

Cucumber chain

The treatment is carried out with an extract of male fern , Akrikhin, fenasalom , pumpkin seeds.

Prevention - the treatment of dogs and cats, their hygienic content, the destruction of fleas. See also Helminthological research methods.