The Dispensary anti-tuberculosis oncologic skin-venereal psychoneurological physiotherapy


The dispensary is a specialized medical institution that provides medical and preventive care to certain contingents of the population who are on dispensary records. There are dispensaries for tuberculosis, skin-venereal, oncological, psycho-neurological, medical-physical, cardiological, trachomatous, etc.

In addition to dispensaries, all medical and preventive institutions conduct work on the dispensary method in Russia (see dispensary). In the polyclinics , special rooms function in which, according to the dispensary method, receptions of patients with tuberculosis, skin-venereal, oncological, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases are carried out.

The dispensary carries out the organizational and methodical activity based on a systematic study of the incidence of the population, corresponding to the profile of its work, and the development of measures to combat these diseases.


The structure of the dispensary provides for the presence of specialized outpatient clinics, organizational and methodical departments (rooms). In many dispensaries there are hospitals.

The structure of each dispensary has its own specificity.
1. In the tuberculosis dispensary there are rooms: therapeutic, pediatric, laryngological, x-ray , bone tuberculosis, pneumothorax , physiotherapeutic , clinical diagnostic laboratory, procedural. At large anti-tuberculosis dispensaries, there are night and day sanatoria .
2. The oncological dispensary has offices of various clinical specialties, X-ray diagnostic, X-ray therapy, radio manipulation, dressing, surgery for biopsy, laboratory - clinical diagnostic and pathohistological.
3. Skin and venereal dispensary , except for the offices where receptions for skin and venereal diseases are carried out, has X-ray therapeutic and mycological offices, clinical diagnostic and serological laboratories.
4. The following departments are provided in the psychoneurological dispensary :
a) medical and diagnostic department, which has offices of district psychiatrists, cabinets to combat alcohol and drug addiction , speech disorders , procedural, physiotherapeutic, clinical and diagnostic laboratory; b) Department of labor therapy ; c) employment office; d) separation of neuropsychiatric prophylaxis and psychohygiene ; e) Department of Child and Adolescent Psychoneurology.
5. The medical and sports clinic has the offices of medical control over the physical education of the adult population, children and adolescents, and cabinets of therapeutic physical training , x-ray and physiotherapy, functional diagnostics and electrocardiography , clinical diagnostic laboratory.

The work of each dispensary is based on the following areas: active identification of the relevant patients, their strict registration, dynamic monitoring, active treatment, health education , systematic study of the working and living conditions of persons undergoing clinical observation, in order to eliminate factors that adversely affect health .

The account of patients under clinical supervision is made by filling in for each patient a notification with the first diagnosis of tuberculosis, venereal disease, trichophytosis , microsporia and a number of other skin diseases, trachoma , and cancer or other malignant neoplasms (registration form No. 281), and as well as a control card (registration form No. 30), in which the diagnosis is noted, patient visits to the doctor in the prescribed time and treatment: hospitalization, sanatorium treatment, etc.

In the active detection of patients and their involvement in treatment in the dispensary, the role of nurses is very important. They monitor the timely appearance of patients on admission to the doctor in accordance with the established deadlines, systematically examine the living conditions of patients, conduct sanitary-educational interviews with patients. Nurses help the doctor at the reception, perform the appointment of a doctor in the dispensary and patients at home.

  • The tasks of the dispensary